Devki Steel

Corporate social responsibility

 The Devki Group of Companies Chairman, Dr. Narendra Raval (Guru) ensures that Devki group uses its profits and resources for the betterment of the society through its various CSR initiatives. It is considered an extremely important component of the Group’s management and the growth of the company. By acting as a  responsible manufacturer, we adhere to the highest standards of corporate conducts in all our business activities.

We strive to diligently fulfill our promises to always conduct our operations in a ethical and socially responsible manner as:

We effortlessly work on enforcing and strengthening our compliances to practice fair and honest business with applicable laws, rules, and principals.
We always deliver outstanding quality of products and services by paying particular attention to the quality checks and undertake timely random testing.
We put in maximum effort to be good corporate citizens by giving back as much as we can to local communities.
We consistently take all necessary measures to ensure that we do not harm the environment in any way.
We ensure to create and maintain a safe, comfortable, and productive workplace for all our employees by respecting their individuality and diversity.

Building Schools

Devki has built several schools for the needy with worthy infrastructures to provide a higher quality and standard of education in these institutes. The schools are then visited and maintained frequently to ensure the facility is performing well for the betterment of Kenya’s future in education.

Supporting Local Communities​

Whether through employment across the various businesses or charitable initiatives, we are actively looking to uplift local tribes and communities. By understanding their needs and challenges, we are able to assist them to improve their standard of livings across

Youth Initiatives

At Devki, we are always open to encouraging the youth to pushboundaries. Through education scholarships and internships, we motivate the youth to seek employment with us. We have crated a large number of employment for the youth of Kenya and will continue to uplift, inspire and support the next generation of talent

Covid-19 Relief Programme

At such a difficult time as the Covid-19 pandemic, Devki group ensured to actively contribute to country to help control the spread of the virus. This included distributing safety and sanitary equipment such as masks and sanitizers as well as providing food aid to those in need around the country.